Wednesday – 20min tempo with hill repeats

Posted: November 4, 2010 in CrossFit
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Tuesday was a beautiful recovery run on the beach. Running at sunset at Ocean’s is an amazing experience. Not only were the waves double/triple overhead but as the sun set over the horizon, the fog and mist moved in to give a surreal experience. Anytime I’m running on mixed terrain (or unmixed for that matter) I’m always focusing on cadence,; quick pulls, not letting my foot sit too long. Sand running will especially bring this to the front of your mind. Combine that with the uneven footing and the extra demands from the lower legs and core, running on the beach is a great way to add a mixed variable in during the week.

After coaching three morning classes, I had my 20min pace run at 5:20 pace at Sawyer Camp Trail. While I held 5:20’s throughout the run, it was def a little tough at the end. I think the long weekend of swimming and lack of sleep finally caught up with me. Post recovery meal was a banana, Cliff Protein Bar, lots of TJ’s electrolyte water, a giant omelet and a big bowl of oatmeal.

Tuck the hips

PM session was 6x150m hill sprints. Whenever I’m sprinting, I really focus on moving my feet quickly pulling them up just enough to get off the ground, falling into the hill and tucking my hips underneath me. It’s the “scalded dog” approach and in the end is the central theme to CrossFit: hip function. When I focus on leading with the hips, I’m accessing all that power from my core.

Thursday is a recovery day with an AM swim in the bay and PM 150m repeats.

  1. Animal!

    Tucking hips. Sounds like swimming. And a LOT of work. Hahaha.


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