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Yesterday I could feel myself dragging ass. Right from the get-go, I had no energy teaching morning classes. I could tell that I did a poor job of refueling over the weekend. While Sunday was an easy day, I fell into the trap of being complacent about caloric intake. Trying to get things done around the house while watching my daughter, not eating enough caught up with me.

Even though I went out to the track, I shut down the workout early, ate a big breakfast, took a nap and hoped an extra 8-10 hours of recovery would help. Unfortunately I didn’t make it back out until 8pm on a dark track at the College of San Mateo. Running max effort, I was 5:10, 4:57, 5:16, 5:22 with 2.5 min rest b/t. Terrible considering the last three were called to be @ 4:55, 4:48, 4:48, all easily doable if my legs were underneath me.

Speaking with Gags, he wasn’t too concerned (“Mahoney, get yore head outta ya ass!”). Today (Tuesday) will be an easy recovery day and a make up CFE workout that should have happened last night. Wednesday will be 8x200m @ 27 with 200 jog.

I once heard it’s how we handle the setbacks that makes a champion. In the past, I’d have been worried and pissed I missed my times by this much. Now, it just is what it is. As Greg Amundson says, “Don’t look to where you’re going but where you want to go.” Thanks, Greg.

Please watch Greg Amundson “Positive Self-Talk: Focusing on Your Goals”