Saturday LR/Monday 800m repeats

Posted: November 23, 2010 in CrossFit, CrossFit Endurance
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Feeling good after a week of easy running and strides, I decided it was time to get back on the train (bad pun). Prior to running 1, 40min in a hilly wet Huddart Park, I cranked out 22 back squats in 3min @ 225, way off my buddy Josh Courage’s best of 56…yeesh!

Friday was a pool workout, 2 rounds of 3x 1:3 (1min all out effort, 3min rest). Focusing on form and relaxing, I actually got faster as the workout progressed, making it just shy of 75m (3 pool lengths) in 60seconds. That was a really tough workout too. The lifeguard at the YMCA watched me as if I was nuts after gripping the scaffolding looking like I was about to throw up after every interval. Evening workout was a set of hollow rocks 3x 30s and some core work.

Yesterday was 6x 800m @ with the first three at 226 and the last three at 222. I went 223, 226, 225, 221, 222, 220 followed by 4x 200’s at 28-29. I felt better as the workout progressed and it was nice to run the legs out at the end a bit.

The Genr8 has been right on the money with recovery. I take the prescribed 3 servings during the day, one prior, another immediately after the workout and an additional serving 60min thereafter. During the day I notice I have much more energy and am better recovered in the the proceeding workouts. This morning is an easy recovery day with an evening CrossFit Endurance WOD coupled with a little speed work on the bands.

Getting ready for lots of turkey and sweet potatoes!

Never let it rest,

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