Turkey, Sweet Potatoes and Coors Original…BAM!

Posted: November 27, 2010 in CrossFit, CrossFit Endurance
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This has been an awesome week of good workouts, good food and great friends. First off, my family chartered a plane (7 of 10) and came all the way out from Atlanta to join us for Thanksgiving. It was non-stop drinking and eating. My favorite dishes: turkey, sweet potatoes, Coors Original, lots of stuffing, gravy and pie. I justified the 100:1 ratio of carbs to protein as the perfect fuel for the endurance athlete….so I got seconds.

That night, in the Mahoney tradition, we watched Planes, Trains and Automobiles. The family football rivalry of GT vs. UGA came out in my favor as well, with Georgia Tech winning 45-42. Go jackets!

CrossFit wod’s were on the low down this week with family in town. I did have one chance to sneak in a workout with Tim Dymmel (aka T. Dizzle)  from CrossFit Palo Alto after our Thanksgiving Day Chipper and tug of war.

It was 10min AMRAP:
6 Power cleans @ 135
12 Pullups
24 Double unders

I believe I got 7 rounds and 6 cleans with Tim just behind me at 6 rounds.

Running workouts were as follows: Wednesday 25min brisk run @ 5:45 pace, not keeping a watch on it but running for feel. I wasn’t feeling too speedy so that worked out just fine.

Thursday after the CF WOD was an easy recovery run.

Friday morning I went to the track (dehydrated and hung over) but stoked to put some spikes on after 2 weeks off. With the foot feeling good I went 57. for all three quarters with 4min rest between. I finished with a 300m at 41. By the end of the workout the calf started to tighten up a bit but I still managed to get it done.

For Saturday’s long runs, I’ve decided to stop the heavy lifts before the run. I believe I’ve reaped some enormous benefits in strength/endurance. I think it’s a great idea for a base/strength building phase where quality isn’t too much of a concern. However, now that we’re getting closer to the season, quality on the track has picked up. I’d rather save that extra zip for the 400’s. It has served it’s purpose. Heavy lifts in sets of 3 will move to Monday evenings.

Lastly, due to Genr8 being sold out “until further notice” I decided to go back to Endurox R4 out of necessity. One thing I like is the carb to protein ratio of 4:1 (whey protein, not soy) and the high amount of Vit C, E and electrolytes. I take 2 scoops directly after and another two 90 minutes later. The advantage over Genr8 is that it has protein, electrolytes and anti-oxidants to help recovery while being gluten-free (primary ingredient is dextrose). While dextrose is basically glucose, Er4 also has a small amount of fructose. While bulk amount of dextrose replaces muscle glycogen, the fructose helps restore liver glycogen. Liver glycogen, because it is secondary to muscle glycogen, doesn’t get used as quickly. However, its storage can be depleted over time without specific attention to fructose, something that should be addressed as quickly as possible after a workout. If you have a sensitive stomach to fructose, it’s not something you focus on getting. Thankfully, the amount is small enough (like the ratio’s of a banana) that it doesn’t effect my stomach. Sorry Genr8, Endurox is back in the picture.

Sunday will be some easy recovery movements to prep for Monday’s 1 mile repeats.

Until then…Never Let It Rest,

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