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“You will be able to do things you’ve never done before…”

Such were the words from Anthony Almada, Bio-chemist and CEO of Genr8/Vitargo S2. What ensued was an hour long conversation of educating me on his studies and others involving glycogen loading, carbohydrate synthesis, the 4:1 carb to protein myth and why Vitargo is fastest muscle energy renewing product on the market.

First off, Genr8/Vitargo S2 is the only product I’ve seen that actually publishes its finding on the container. Mr. Almada was clear, if it’s not proven to work, why bother? In his studies and others, time and time again, proper carbohydrate loading was the most important aspect, if not the only, in muscle recovery. It was the reason his elite Ironman athlete could perform 3 races back to back to back, finish in the top 2 and run the same splits in each marathon. What was more impressive was the fact he was out SUP (stand up paddle boarding) and paddling the day after while his competitors were literally walking on crutches….”Hmmm, so you’ve got my attention,” I said.

Diving in deeper, Mr. Almada went on to debunk the 4:1 carb to protein myth, citing errors in the studies, big money marketing and other studies that truly show adding protein to carboydrate drinks does not increase glycogen loading or speed it in anyway.

Next was the science behind why Vitargo works so well. Because of its makeup, it empties from the gut very quickly, leaving no bloating or swishing effect in the stomach. This means the ability to consume massive amounts of carbohydrates faster than before, supplying an enormous amount of fuel to working muscles and thus changing the game of endurance sports as we know it. He reports his athletes can take up to 1100 calories in a one hour workout (!!!!), consuming nearly 350g of Vitargo with no ill effects to the GI tract. With it comes the ability to “keep the brain happy”, giving the athlete a greater edge to push himself/herself outside their comfort zone. What’s also known as the Central Governor Theory, Vitargo seems to be able to rewrite our previous expectations of what constitutes brain happiness and the athletes ability to go beyond what previous thought possible. Does my opening sentence of this post make a little more sense now??

So how do I use it? Take 1 serving 15 before a workout. Take another 3-5 servings during the workout b/t intervals, during a long run, etc. Take another 3 servings within the hour after. Whew, that’s a lot of servings. But, if you tried that with servings of dextrose or maltodextrin you’d throw up all over your training partner, at least 3 times.This is why Genr8/Vitargo is so effective.

As Ron Burgandy would say, “It’s science.” Load faster, load more, recover better, run faster. I’m stoked to work with Anthony and use their product in the future. I also very excited to bring it to all my endurance athletes in the gym!

Never Let It Rest,