Weekly recap

Posted: December 19, 2010 in CrossFit Endurance
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This past week has been filled with physical therapy sessions and my first real track work in 3 weeks.

Leading into the week I had been in the pool swimming intervals, giving the IT band a chance to loosen up. Monday was 12x400m at 71-72 pace with 1min recovery. Easy but the IT/hip again locked down on me by number 10. A quick call to “magic man” Kelly Starrett and he was digging into my hip less than 24hrs later. He quickly found my problem; less than 50% range of motion in my left leg. Wow. How much extra work have I been doing on the track? Because of the decreased ROM, I was compensating by throwing my leg out around rather than pulling straight up. One session with Kelly helped a lot.

The rest of the week leading into Friday has been CrossFit wods, core work and easy running. I can still only really run for 20-30min before I start to tighten up again which made me a little nervous for fast quarters on Friday.

Friday was 4x400m at 56-57 with 4min rest. Despite not doing any pace/speed work for 3 weeks, I still managed to run the times, something I attributed to CrossFit workouts, hard training in the pool and running drills on my easy days. Quick feet, hip openers, skips, etc are little things that really make a difference.

Monday’s workout will be 800’s and 200’s.

Never Let It Rest,

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