Double down on the MWOD

Posted: January 11, 2011 in CrossFit, Injuries
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What ended up being the start of my best week of training ended with the medial glute revisiting me, locking down.

Tuesday’s workout on the track was 2x1000m @ 2:30 pace, followed by 2 rounds of 5oom, 300m, 200m all @ 62s pace then finished off with 1x1000m @ 2:30 again. Finally 4x200m @ 27-28.

I went 2:24’s(through the 800m) for the 1000’s and 60s pace for the breakdowns. I felt like I was jogging! I got through 2 of the last 200m’s @ 27. and shut it down. Even though my fitness is showing well, the hip just wouldn’t loosen up.

To make matters worse, in an effort to get it to release a bit (by engaging the glutes) I tweaked the vastus intermedius on my warm up set of 2×10 squats! Damn it! Paul at Penninsula Rolfing squeezed me in and got the hip to loosen up a lot. Thank you Paul! It was enough that I was able to at least get on the track for some strides on Friday.

So what the hell is going on? When looking at the athlete’s injury, every good physiologist/therapist will take an integrated approach. Kelly and Paul are a case in point. One trip to Kelly Starrett pin-pointed the overall problem: over-extension. Just standing in place it was apparent my hips were being pulled out. We see it with athletes doing push press overhead or in a kettlebell swing where the thoracic-lumbar junction hinges in high torque situations. Another high torque situtation would be running at top end speed. The combination of my workouts as well as standing for long periods of time adds up. Having a strong core certainly helps prevent over-extension but only so much. In my case, the hips were so tight that no amount of core strength is going to keep them in a neutral position.

Over the next couple days I’m told to hit the hips hard and especially utilize this Mobility WOD episode. Running hard is one thing, stretching hard is another.

Never Let It Rest,

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