Back on track

Posted: January 26, 2011 in CrossFit, Injuries
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This past week and a half has been filled with 2 a days, running intervals in the pool with CF WOD’s in the evening. Notable CrossFit workouts included “Elizabeth” (21-15-9 power cleans, ring dips @ 135) in 4:40, 3RM Romanian deadlifts at 365, and another WOD of 3 rounds of 10 deadlifts @ 1.25% BW (205), 10 2 pood kettlebell swings and 10 burpies. We only had 1 1/2 pood bells so it ended up being 13 swings instead of 10. I ended up going 3:35 or thereabouts. Total gasser, felt great. Tuesday morning I pulled on the C2, 5x1min with 2min recovery, starting at 435 watts and finishing at 475 to 500 watts for the last intervals.

While in the pool, my favorite interval was 12x1min all out efforts holding the side. Immediately upon finishing, sprint 25m across the pool and rest the remainder of the minute. The first time doing this workout, I thought of the scenario of how the lifeguard, a 16yr old 100lb high school girl, would possibly pull me off the bottom of the pool should I sink to the bottom. The next few times it got easier and easier until I got to the point where I was hitting around 20s per 25m sprint, feeling very relaxed and in control. Swimming became fun! Realizing I may become a fish if I kept up this progress, I knew I had to get back on the track asap….

So, feeling good, I did just that. Tuesday, I headed to the track and spun the wheels for 6x400m @ 65s with 1min rest. Having rowed the 5x1min hard intervals that morning, I was happy with how I felt and how the hip held up. Actually, it felt so good I went out today for 4omin feeling fine the entire time.

So what changed? Just jumping in the pool alone wouldn’t have “loosened” up the medial glute that would literally lock up within 20min. What I did find, after numerous appointments addressing the medial glute and affecting areas around, was a huge mass of just below hamstring/above the knee where the IT band connects. A couple sessions addressing it alleviated all symptoms, amazing. We always hear the term, “look up stream and look downstream” for injuries. This one was another learning experience!

Back on the track Friday!

Never Let It Rest,


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