There is no “Plan B”

Posted: February 15, 2011 in CrossFit
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The human brain is wired for success. It is constantly scanning and calculating to make us better, live easier, make more money and accomplish our goals. When we sleep, the brain processes the millions of pieces of data the human body has seen, heard, smelled and touched throughout the day to come up with the answers to our deepest desires and questions. If one path does not seem correct, the mind will search for the one that is, constantly weighing in on the pro’s and con’s. While this innate system ultimately drives the individual to success, it can just as easily lead him astray.

Thomas Edison once said something to the effect, “If I have a problem I cannot solve, I take a nap and wake up with the answer.” This quote gives a great idea of our brain’s capability. Even when we sleep, we cannot get away from the fact that we are wired to achieve our goals. But what happens when goals are not achieved, at least not immediately? Again, our brains look for the answers that will guarantee success. Sometimes however, the answers lie in the “plan B” category. Have you ever had a plan B moment? Things aren’t going the way you thought or had envisioned and all of a sudden that little voice pops up in the back of your mind, “maybe I should do something else…I’m in over my head…what day is it?”A lot of us also call it our contingency plan. Basically what we plan on doing if we fail.

Fail. Blah, such a terrible word. What good ever comes from failure? Instead of sitting here and preaching to you about the silver lining behind every dark cloud, which I could do forever, failure is good for one reason only: to test your resolve. If you really have a “Plan B” (and prob a plan c, d, and e) then how likely are you to accomplish your Plan A? Prob not likely at all. Again, it’s our brain’s fault. Instead of giving it one path to choose, you gave it two and guess what, the second one is the easier one. So if our brains are wired for success, which path is it most likely to choose? It doesn’t matter how hard you try, how much money you spend, etc. if you’ve given yourself a back door escape, chances are more than likely you’ll be taking it. Subliminally you can’t fight what you’re brain wants most, to succeed.

I could say there are some very obvious rebuttals to this post. But, then again, if you are devoted to a task, are there? Are you devoted enough to see yourself through to the end, no matter if you are a success or a failure? Jasper Johns is a now infamous contemporary artist. He once stated that during his career, he became comfortable with the fact that he may never become a success. He received the Medal of Freedom award today from President Obama because of his life work.

Set your goals. Be diligent. Walk out the front door.😉

Never Let It Rest,

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