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The end of this past week had me very busy with not much time to the blog but lots of time in my head.

Here’s what’s going on….

1. Reviewing/dialing in nutrition and glycogen replacement. The ratio’s of my current diet @ 40-50% fat intake, 20% protein, 30% carbs leaves my muscles depleted by the end of the week. I’ve made the choice to go with Genr8 as my post recovery fuel and put away the organic chocolate milk. My body was not processing the milk well at all and not giving me all I need for post workout recovery. I’ve heard very good things regarding Genr8 and am excited to try their product. That said I will also bump my carb intake significantly +20%. Staying gluten and fructose free as much as possible is very important to me otherwise my body feels terribly.

2. Paul Fitzgerald at Penninsula Rolfing was able to give me a quick tune up for Friday’s pace work which helped significantly with tightness/pulling in my feet. He did some work to the anterior gastroc and tibia. Basically the top of my left foot where the shoe lace is tied was hurting, enough where I couldn’t toe off with any force. There are tendons and ligaments that attach along the outside of the leg and the gastroc that meet at that point. That’s a problem when you need to run 56 pace on the track. Although I was only about 85%, I was still able to get in some quality work on the track Friday.

3. Friday’s workout went 500m @ 1:10 (56 400m pace) 5min jog, then 3x400m with 4min jog @ 57, 60, 60. The last two I really couldn’t push off of my inside foot so I focused on staying relaxed and getting the work in as best as possible. I spent the rest of the day in my 2XU compression tights which helped a lot with recovery. I use these after long runs, hard intervals or if I’m traveling as they promote blood flow to/from the legs. PM session was 5-5-5-3-3-3 max effort of dead lifts. The last three were @ 335. Way off my best 1rm of 425.

4. Saturday the foot felt much better and my legs felt great. I attributed it to the compression tights, they really do work wonders. It was an out and back at Huddart (one of my fav runs on the peninsula); 37min out, 34 min back.

5. Sunday has been a recovery day. Stretching, icing, and drinking wine with old friends…Steve Sherer and Kevin Elliott, ex-Farm Teamers. Holla!😉

Never let it rest,