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If you look closely you can see the "Diversity" sitting inside the piers.

Yesterday turned out to be a lesson, once again, in “doing things I really don’t want to do but I know are good for me.” Stretching, OH squats and now swimming in the bay w/o a wetsuit are all part of that group. It’s a weird sort of emotion that comes over me right before jumping in. I actually get pissed off…like angry. If you could hear the inner monologue it would sound something like, “Dude, WTF!!” with a continued array of expletives that wouldn’t make any sense. And although I attended CrossFit Endurance Swim certification last weekend where I really learned how to swim properly and what proper stroke looks like, that all went to hell when I jumped in. The first two minutes usually consist of me thrashing wildly, picking my head out of the water every other stroke, pulling with my shoulders and violating every rule I know regarding efficient swimming. After which I’m then fighting for survival to NOT get washed into the giant tankers (and some old wooden ship, I believe its named “Diversity”) docked at the end of aquatic park. It’s a good and bad thing. At that point, I don’t even remember what cold feels like. I’m literally just swimming my ass off to keep up with my buddy, Josiah “the fish” Bunting, while fighting the flooding tide. But in the end, the feeling of accomplishment is very rewarding.

PM was a recovery run with 6x100m repeats @ 14, moving the legs feeling good. Swimming in cold water really burns a lot of calories so I need make sure I’m getting enough, more so than on a usual recovery day or >4600 cals. Finisher was 3x1min hollow rocks and supermans. Also, forgot to mention Wednesday’s finisher was 20 pistols after the hill workout.

This mornings workout was a mile pace work on the track. It was 2x800m @ 2:08 w/ 6min recovery between. Then 4x400m @ 62 and 5x300m @ 45 all with 2min recovery. It was pretty windy, so dialing in the first interval was tough. I went: 2:10, 2:06, 62, 62, 62, 61.5, 44.9, 45, 45, 45, 44.6. I walked off the track feeling like I still had some left in the tank. That’s a good day!

PM was a CFE WOD 10-1 Pistols each leg and lateral burpies. I had the little one tonight (who had what she referred to as a “big burp” in the car aka vomit) so I wasn’t able to do any heavy overheads. It was my 2nd CF workout of the week as my Wednesday hill repeats took the place of a workout. Saturday is heavy max effort back squats and a long run. Looking forward to getting lost in the woods!

Never Let It Rest,